All You Need to Know about an International School in Jakarta: Global Sevilla

All You Need to Know about an International School in Jakarta: Global Sevilla

  • November 15, 2022

There are so many International Schools in Jakarta. It is because Jakarta is home to international schools. If you live in Jakarta with your family and are looking for the best International School, Global Sevilla School is the best option for your children to study. Here is all you need to know about this outstanding school.

The School’s Mission and Value You Need to Know

This school’s mission is to be one of the best schools with international acknowledgment and standards in character, learning, and teaching. From an early age, students are expected to learn the important values of compassion and respect. For the value, this school implements the most important values which are giving, compassion, and self-control.

 The School’s Academics

Global Sevilla’s learning process involves a personalized approach to meeting individual goals. There are various activities implemented that require students to work individually, in pairs, in groups, and as a whole class. From these activities, students will not only improve their academics, but also communication, respect, resilience, adaptability, thoughtfulness, and cooperation.

The School’s Education Levels

This international school in Jakarta offers three education levels which are Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary School. For the kindergarten level, the school uses International Early Years Curriculum or IEYS. For Primary Level, the program focuses on Active Inquiry-based Learning. While for Secondary School, it focuses on project and Research-based learning.

The School’s High-quality Facilities

Various facilities in this school are provided to support students’ daily learning process. Students can find many different laboratories for activities from art to science. The school also has many outdoor and indoor sports facilities, such as a gym, swimming pool, and mini soccer field. Young students can access those facilities to improve their social and physical skills.

Extracurricular You Can Find

Various extracurricular activities can also be found by students. They can choose the best match to their interest. There are Science Club, Drama Club, Photography, Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Taekwondo, etc.), Art (Choir, Ballet, etc.), Entrepreneurship Club, Mini Cooking, and many more. 

For the charge, students are not charged for the activities that are conducted by the school teachers. However, if they join extracurricular activities facilitated and managed by external providers, there will be an additional charge. Students may also be required to join educational trips as they are part of an active learning program.

To conclude, Global Sevilla is the International School in Jakarta that offers high-quality academics and facilities which are suitable for students’ learning process. Besides, there are so many extracurricular activities that can be found to develop your children’s skills, such as communication, cooperation, and so on.Reference: